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Privacy Policy

Person Responsible for the File



Person responsible for the file: EMAILING NETWORK SARL

Domains: sg.clicplan.com | www.clicplan.sg

email: contact@emailingnetwork.com

Brand: ClicPlan

EMAILING NETWORK SARL, (hereinafter, EMAILING) is a French company registered with the No. SIREN : 494084395 - NIC : 00016 and has the ClicPlan brand registered.

EMAILING is responsible for the files in which will be included the personal data collected and processed from this website or those which you provide us with on emailing us, which will be incorporated into an automated file registered in the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés le 27 mai 2015, (CNIL), the property of EMAILING NETWORK SARLand are processed in compliance with European and French legislation.

All data collected with your consent by Emailing Network, SARL, will be managed for Emailing Network SL, with address Pau Clarís 134 08009 Barcelona (Spain), phone number 0034 93 467 36 26. contacto@emailingnetwork.com

You are recommended to read this Privacy Policy (hereinafter, Privacy) carefully.

  1. General Principles

Within the framework of its activities, ClicPlan only collects the data of a personal nature which you provide us with through the forms posted on the website and our email addresses for sending electronic communications including Bulletins.

If personal data are collected through cookies, you will be duly informed through the Cookies Policy, as well as through the channels required by the legislation in force.

We require you to provide us with an email, as well as information on the post code. In accordance with the legislationapplicable, the subscribers must be old enough, therefore, we reserve the right to request your date of birth.

You can deregister a regards receiving promotional emails at any time after opening an account at ClicPlan.

  1. Consent to the Processing of Data of the User

When you subscribe, you are giving your express consent to the use of your email and the sending of commercial communications. You are giving your express consent to the processing of your personal data for the uses and purposes stated, as well as this implying your express consent to the international transfer of data due to the physical location of the installations of the service providers, and we ensure that these entities comply with an adequate level for the purposes of compliance with data protection.

  1. Uses and Purposes of the Data Collected

At ClicPlan the data of a personal nature are collected for the purposes listed below.If you do not agree with any of these, you may notify this at the email address members@clicplan.sg.

On facilitating these data on filling in the online form and sending it, you authorise us to incorporate your personal data to our subscriber database, and to send you our BULLETINS with commercial information and/or publicity of products andservices regarding the subjects chosen. This information will only be used in order to administer your preferences with respect to the publicity on the subjects selected.

With our BULLETINS you will receive commercial information or publicity which has been prepared by ClicPlan assuming the maximum commitment to comply with an ethical code concerning the content of the commercial information and the publicity sent.

The publicity or promotional communications will be sent to your email address free of charge. It is possible that you may have more than one account if you have used more than one email address in your subscriptions or if you have communicated with us through email.

The fields marked * have to be filled in compulsorily. You are not obliged to provide the personal information requested, but if you decide not to do so, we cannot offer you our BULLETINS nor respond to any doubts you may have.

We remind you that you can exercise your rights as stated in section 7 regarding the rights of access,rectification, cancelation and opposition.

The data will be processed for the following purposes: to send commercial and /or publicity information and recommendations from third party collaborators from the following sectors: sports, leisure (catering, accommodation, nightclubs, cinemas, theatres, festivals, commercial centres, amusement parks), healthcare (clinics), welfare (spa , yoga and alternative therapy centres), training (training and course centres), beauty care and aesthetics (beauty care and aesthetics centres and products) and personal hygiene, financial (financial and credit institutions), insurance, real estate, publishing, textile and fashion, technological devices (fitness machines, mobile telephony, electronic and computer devices), transport (road transport companies, air transport companies, workshops and concessionaires), media, cleaning products, mass consumption products, nutrition, pharmaceutical products, jewellery and household furniture, NGOs.

In no case will your personal data be communicated to these collaborators so that they might send you publicity, and it will be ClicPlanwhich will be able to include of these third parties in the communications which it send to the addresses. The publicity communications or promotions will be emailed.

We personalise the offer of services depending on your navigation as regards the products and services offered, showing advertisements of websites located in the domains of third party entities. We do not verify the veracity of the information contained in this publicity, consequently, we cannot be responsible for their content and we exclude any responsibility for this.

When you provide your data, either by marking the corresponding box or by any other means, you freely accept that your personal data be processed by ClicPlan for the purposes they were provided for. In an endeavour to avoid the unnecessary sending of electronic communications to our users, we compare our lists of users with those that we receive from other partners, thus avoiding duplicating contacts.

We can send Bulletins to selected users of ClicPlan on behalf of other companies, however, when we do this, we do not share your personal information with these other companies, except in the restricted cases stated above.

In each despatch, we will always put on record the assignor entity before which you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancelation andopposition, as well as revoking the consent previously given for this purpose.

  1. Collection of Personal Data.We collect information in the following ways:

Direct information provided when you fill in the subscription form.

Specifically, the personal data collected by ClicPlan are the email and the locations you state to us that you are interested in receiving information on. Name, surname, email and date of birth are optional.

Automatic information in order to perfect our site so that the experience the users have of our services is improved and the BULLETINSwe send to you are more useful and interesting. We can receive confirmation of the opening of our emails or if you click on any of the links of the offers which are contained in these. Moreover, on determining telanguage, we can offer you a localised version of our site where the information relative to the contact data, the language and the currency is modified.

From the BULLETINS we can receive automatic information with additional data such as: the IP address;the searches you make on the website or the interaction with advertisements of ClicPlan when you communicate with us through the sites of the social networks of third parties or you communicate with us in some other way.

Information from other sources some examples of this arecompanies with which we carry out joint activities concerning publicity services such as collecting information on search terms and results of the searches made through Internet search applications.

Bulletins prepared for third parties or partners which we can occasionally offer under the brand of other companies.

6.Right of opposition

You have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and the use of these for te described commercial purposes. If you do not wish to receive more emails, we beg you to adjust your subscriptions and notification preferences, accessing your account or through the link arco@clicplan.sg.

If you wish to terminate the subscription to our Bulletins, you only have to click on the link "Baja" (“terminate”) which appears at the end of all our despatches.

The requests to terminate will be taken into account if you subsequently receive a message of confirmation, otherwise, you may exercise your right of opposition as stated above.

7.Right of ACCESS,RECTIFICATION,CANCELATION ANDOPPOSITION. We keep your data until you decide otherwise. At any time, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancelation andoppositionregarding your personal data through the despatch of a written communication, following the procedure in accordance with the legislation in force and sent to the address of the Person Responsible for the File or to the following email address: arco@clicplan.sg. or to the postal address:EMAILING NETWORK SARL, 16 rue du Dôme. 92100 Boulogne Billancourt France.

We ask you always to identify yourself before responding to a request for Access,Rectification,Cancelation andOpposition.

8.Registration and Management of Users

The informationwhich you provide in the registration form will be used for the uses and purposes described above and the management of the users of the website.

ClicPlan will not admit attempts to make false registrations or to supplant the identity of persons or companies. The provision of false information fin the registration form will entail the automatic deregistration of the user.

9."Anti-spam" Policy

ClicPlan is contrary to the despatch of unsolicited commercial communications and any type of conduct or manifestation of "spamming". We do not support, practise nor subscribe to these types of conducts or manifestations. Consequently, the registration process must not be used to register personal data of other persons without the previous, express consent of the persons affected.

If you receive commercial information or publicity through our system without having registered in it or without having given your express consent to this registration, you can contact us at the electronic address ClicPlan requesting the cancelationof your personal data from our system or using the Deregistration function which is sent in all the commercial communications.

10.Communication of Data to Third Parties

Guaranteeing your privacy is important for us. We do not sell, commercialise nor rent out your personal information to third parties without your consent unless this is established in a legal norm (Public Administrations, administrative or judicial authorities, or when we think it may be appropriate in order to have the policies of our site complied with). This does not include the trusted third parties which assist us in the operations of our website or carrying out our business, but always under the commitment by both parties to adjust their actions to scrupulous compliance with the applicable legislation. In any case, we endeavour to guarantee that, within our possibilities, the corresponding companies respect this Policy. We forbid these companies to use your personal data for purposes other than those of the provision of the products and services of ClicPlan.


ClicPlan uses technologies adapted to the state of current techniques in order to protect your personal data and information, thus, our website is housed in secure servers protected against the more usual types of attacks. However, we remind you that there is no invulnerable technology and you must, therefore, put in place the means within your reach in order to maintain the security level of your data, and we especially recommend you to use robust passwords to access your user account. We also recommend you to modify your password periodically (at least once a year) and if there is any suspicion that a third party might know it, modify it immediately.


This website uses cookies in order to improve your experience as a user and show you products of your interest. Cookies are small information files which enable us to obtain a wider knowledge of our users due to their passage through our website. The user has the possibility to prevent the generation of cookies by marking the corresponding menu option in his navigation programme although, if he chooses to deactivate the use of cookies, it is possible that the functioning of this website may be affected.

The users who register or have logged in can benefit from very personalised services oriented to their profiles due to the combination of data stored in the cookies with the personal data used at the time of registration.

These users expressly authorise the use of this information for the purposes stated.

Yu can always eliminate the cookies whose installation you have accepted. In the event that you may wish to eliminate the cookies, the parameters and preferences which these control will also be deleted.

12.1 Types of Cookies

Furthermore, depending on their objectives, Cookies can be classified as follows:

Performance Cookies : These types of Cookies remember your preferences for the tools which are in the Services, therefore, it is not necessary to configure the service again every time you visit it.

Geo-Localisation Cookies : These Cookies are used in order to find out in which country you are when you request a Service. This Cookie is totally anonymous and is only used in order to help to orientate the content to its location.

Registration Cookies: The Registration Cookies are generated once the User has registered or has subsequently logged in.

Analysis Cookies: Each time a User visits a Service, a tool of an external provider generates an Analysis Cookie in the User’s computer.

What are the types of cookies we use?



Own/Third Party



_ga, _gat, _gat_countryTracker


Third Party


It is used for statistical purposes in order to distinguish the users.



Third Party


It is used for statistical purposesin order to determine how the users interact with the campaigns.



Third Party


It is used for statistical purposesin order to detect the first visit of the user.



Third Party


It is used for statistical purposesin order to distinguish users and sessions.



Third Party


It is used for statistical purposes, it stores the user’s tracking code.



Third Party


It is used for statistical purposesin order to determine when a user begins a new session.



Third Parties


It is used for statistical purposes, this cookie is updated each time data are sent to Google Analytics





It is used for statistical purposes, this cookie contains the site from where the web has been visited.





It is used for statistical purposes, this cookie stores and contains the instant in which it wascreated and a visitor counter.





It is used for statistical purposesin order to detect new visits.





It stores the version of the cache memory.





It controls whether the user has already visited the website.



Third Parties


Used by Facebook Plugins in order to identify the user.


Behavioural Advertising

Third Parties


Personalised publicity services based on the conduct of the users





It stores the session identifier of the user.

Collaborating Companies

The service providers with which we have contracted a service for which the use of cookies is necessary are the following:

- CRITEO and they are used to provide personalised publicity visualisation products or services based on the recent behaviour of Internet users as regards websites, news bulletins andapplications of partners of Criteo. If you wish to have further information on what the cookies are going to be used for, click here http://privacy.criteo.com

12.2. Deactivating Cookies

Below we provide a brief explanation of how to activate or deactivate the use of cookies in your computer with the principalnavigators:

Internet Explorer

In the "Tools > Internet Options"menu, go to the "Privacy" tab, select the configuration you wish and click on the advanced configuration button. Activate the box "Overwrite the automatic administration of cookies". Mark the "Activate" or "Block" boxes. We recommend you activate the option "Always accept the session cookies" in order to enable optimum navigation on our website.


In the "Tools >Options" menu, go to the "Privacy" tab. Activate or deactivate the box "Accept cookies of the websites" or “Tell the websites that I do not want to be tracked”, depending on the version of your navigator. You can also eliminate the cookies installed by clicking on the option “eliminate cookies individually”.


In the "Tools >Configuration" menu, go to the "Privacy > Configuration of content" tab. After selecting the option “show advanced options”, select your favourite cookies configuration.

If you do not wish to permit their installation, you can select the option “block the data of websites and the cookies of third parties”.


In the "Configuration>Options" menu, go to the "Advanced" tab. In the "Cookies" menu, select the options "Accepter tracks" or "Never accept cookies".

If you wish to have a greater level of control over the cookies which are installed in your equipment, we recommend that you select the option “ask before accepting cookies”.


In the menu "Tools > Preferences", go to the tab "Security. In the menu "Accept cookies" select the box "Always" or "Never". If you have an iPhone, you must access “Configuration> Safari” and there select whether you accept the cookies or not.

If you need help to carry out the configuration of the cookies with your navigator, you can send us an email to members@clicplan.sg and we will contact you in order to provide you with this informationas soon as possible.

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